Custom 1 Ton Combo G&E Package
My Kit includes a standard support and basic electric setup to carry a multi light arrangement utilizing my lights and/or added rental lights. Exceptionally suitable for a wide variety of small size productions.
MY LIGHTING  BUNDLE included in my kit is well suited for the minimalist/small projects that are seeing a lot of success in the new environment of safety amidst Covid-19.
For larger jobs I offer free quotes and estimates for the additional lighting and/or grip rentals needed.  Additional rentals are extremely competitively priced.

Equipment List






My  1 Ton Support and Electric pkg comes with:

(kit rental value $270/day, 3 day week on eq,   no eq charge for pre-light days    mileage .85/mile after 1st 20 miles)


custom Ford E350 Econoline 1Ton

Included LIGHTING(for small sized productions):

2 300w LED Mono-light, single source/chip  with 4ft octa beauty dish, parabolic beauty dish and china ball modifiers (NEW!!!)

2 2 foot Quasar crossfade with egg crate LCD modifiers

2 RGBWW 2x6" hand-held brick style flood lights

4 1x1 bi-color 97cri LED panels (optional battery power)

4 100w (simple RGB) RGB LED Floods

1 150w LED 5000K UFO Flood

1 Mole 2K fresnel 

1 Leko Elipisodal 750w spot 19degree tungsten fixture(on request)

1 Leko Eliposidal  spot 26degree lens

2 350w narrow par cans

 Note: Many projects require additional lighting rentals, free job-specific quotes available 


12 40" c-stands with arms and grip heads

2 rolling combo light stands

2 3 rise combo light stands

2 3 rise combo stands with lollypops

1 mombo combo with lollypop

2 low boy combo

2 5" HD c-clamp

2 woody ¾ sleeve with baby pin

3 cardellini extended end jaw clamps

1 specialty spanner/end jaw clamp

2 mounting plates for 4 foot LED tube with baby pin

2 platypus clamps

2 full apple, 1 ½ apple, 2 1/4 apple, 

2 100’ safety ropes

2 50’ safety ropes

12' menace arm set up

1 shotgun over-under menace fittings for 20ft menace arm

       (requires additional speedrail rentals) 

6 25lb sand bags

2 35lb sand bags

4 20lb shot bags

Ground spikes for overheads safety lines 

4 foot level

6 step ladder

8 #2 clamps

4 #1 clamps


2 1k dimmers

2 in-line low voltage dimmers

4 cube taps

7 50' stingers

4 25' stinger

2 utility stinger


2 4x4 ultra bounce floppy

2 4x4 solid floppy

1 4x4 full silk

2 6x6 butterfly frame set

1 6x6. Ultrabounce rag

1 6x6 1/4 silk rag

1 6x6 1/4 silent grid rag

1 6x6 silver lemay rag

1 6x6 Hi-Lite (shower curtain) rag

1 6x6 rose garden Brokeh/magic cloth rag

1 set 24x36 light control flags (silk,  single net, double net, 2 solid, open frame for diff)

1 7 foot parabolic photo umbrella (silver bounce)

1 4ft octadome (for 300w par LED)

1 3ft parabolic beauty dish (for 300w par LED)

1 3ft china ball (for 300w par LED)

4 black golf umbrellas (walking courtesies)

2 50degree egg crate HoneyCrate for 4 foot LED LCD

2 50degree egg crate HoneyCrate 2 foot LED LCD

2 snoot modifiers for par 64(job specific when renting par64)

1 24x36 gel portrait fill Brokeh

1 24x36 gel portrait key Brokeh

1 12x12 Dedo Lightstream reflector board


Blk gaff tape

Black wrap

Various bounce cards/ show card

Neg fill cards

2 2x3ft silver/white pizza box bounce

1 4x6ft show card bounce

Sheets of 1/4, 1/2, and full cto, ctb,

-grn, +grn,, some assorted party colors

Sheets diff 250, 251, opal, Hampshire

Practical bulbs 150w  250w 40w

Duvetine sheets (various sizes)


Small fire extinguisher (not for use in studio/stage application)

Small first aid kit

bluetooth speaker

2 sets variable basso blocks (for dolly track leveling)

Light Fixture rental NOTE:

Most jobs require additional lighting rentals based on individual job requirements.

I will provide a detailed free quote on the additional lighting needed per project

Offering lightweight, battery operated lighting combined with additional modern, professional LED fixtures supported by a few traditional quality lighting fixture choices allows me to provide quick and highly versatile lighting setups while maintaining the quality of lighting standards I have always brought to my work. I also offer several cutting edge light shaping and light control tools mixed with fresh lighting techniques. These tools and techniques allow me to work either alone or with one assistant depending on the amount of sub-rental lights/equipment needed on a job-by-job basis.
This package is great for:
small music videos, lifestyle branded content, interviews, small scripted work, medium to c/u beauty/model work and more
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